3. May 2022

EKRL offers consultation to members

The Money Laundering Data Bureau has started a thorough inspection among virtual currency service providers, and the first companies have already lost their licenses. The Estonian […]
22. Apr 2022

Earth Day 2022: How is the cryptocurrency trying to promote sustainability?

With the changing times, the world is gradually shifting its investment strategies from gold to equity trading and from there to cryptocurrencies. The first decade of […]
22. Mar 2022

Estonia must show that rules supporting financial innovation are possible!

At the end of February, the Riigikogu passed the Money Laundering Prevention Act Amendment Act. In co-operation with the officials of the Ministry of Finance and […]
4. Mar 2022

How much cryptocurrency has been collected in support of Ukraine?

The Ukrainian government – and a military NGO – has raised more than $ 89,000 in donations of cryptographic assets since the Russian invasion began. This […]
11. Feb 2022

How to avoid cryptographic fraud?

Good crypto! It doesn’t take long to enter the world of cryptocurrency until you realize that there is a high risk involved in investing. And we […]
3. Feb 2022

What is really happening with the regulations of virtual currency services in Estonia

Good crypto enthusiasts,   You are probably all aware that the conditions for offering the virtual currency service in Estonia are changing drastically. The government has […]
28. Jan 2022

Is crypto winter here?

Dramatic sales of digital coins, in which Bitcoin fell below $ 34,000 and erased more than $ 1.4 trillion in total cryptocurrency value since November, have […]
14. Jan 2022

BlueNoroff hackers steal encryption using fake MetaMask extension

North Korea’s dangerous group BlueNoroff has been spotted distributing malicious documents and fake MetaMask browser extensions to cryptocurrencies. The main motive for this grouping is to […]
10. Dec 2021

The best crypto wallets in 2021

The cryptographic wallet is an important tool for buying, trading and selling cryptocurrencies. Traders need this to securely store the crypt, as well as to protect […]