Autor: Silvia

28. Jan 2022

Is crypto winter here?

Dramatic sales of digital coins, in which Bitcoin fell below $ 34,000 and erased more than $ 1.4 trillion in total cryptocurrency value since November, have […]
14. Jan 2022

BlueNoroff hackers steal encryption using fake MetaMask extension

North Korea’s dangerous group BlueNoroff has been spotted distributing malicious documents and fake MetaMask browser extensions to cryptocurrencies. The main motive for this grouping is to […]
10. Dec 2021

The best crypto wallets in 2021

The cryptographic wallet is an important tool for buying, trading and selling cryptocurrencies. Traders need this to securely store the crypt, as well as to protect […]
1. Dec 2021

December campaign!

Become a member of the Estonian Cryptographic Union during December *, Pay your membership fee in crypto and get a 50% discount on the total invoice […]
12. Nov 2021

Encryption taxation training

As the corona restrictions have become stricter, the Estonian Cryptographic Union will not organize its event this time, but we invite you to join the Tax […]
10. Nov 2021

Cooperation brings victory!

Following the cooperation of the FIU with the United States, in order to identify the current activities of the designated entities, the FIU revoked the license […]
29. Oct 2021

Is the future of crypto green?

The cryptographic industry is growing rapidly, as are concerns about its impact on the environment. The original and most popular crypto, Bitcoin, is energy-intensive in design […]
18. Oct 2021

The future of cryptographic companies in Estonia

Good crypto enthusiasts! Many companies dealing with virtual currencies already know that the law on the prevention of money laundering and terrorism is being amended. But […]
23. Sep 2021

Is digital currency the future of money?

Money is the anchor of modern society. The exchange, which began with items such as cowhide, salt, weapons, etc., over time provided exchange media based on […]