Autor: Asse Sauga

22. Apr 2014

Cryptography as the hangman of capitalism

There are many different methods of organizing society, such as socialism, communism and capitalism, which have been in vogue in the past. They all have one […]
10. Mar 2014

In Estonia, a manor was bought for the income of Bitcoins

One of the most rewarding activities on this planet is to preserve our valuable cultural heritage and allow it to shine even brighter. Whether it is […]
7. Mar 2014

The concept of a completely cloudy state

Taavi Kotka, Undersecretary of IT at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, has come up with the idea of a state cloud, where data important […]
14. Feb 2014

Bitcoin market declining

In the last week, 1 bit has lost almost half of its value. So what happened? First, the Russian government took a formal view of Bitcoin […]
7. Feb 2014

Bitcoin versus banking

It is only natural that with the advent of Bitcoin, the traditional world of money has gradually begun to worry about its foothold. Several articles have […]
2. Feb 2014

A brief summary of Bitcoin

31. Jan 2014

There are already 240 different cryptocurrencies provides a quick and convenient overview of different altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies). At present, there are already 240 of them. The algorithms used are SHA-256, SHA-512 […]
30. Jan 2014

An overview of Bitcoin’s present value and the factors that affect it

While the monetary systems we know so far have been centrally controlled and regulated, Bitcoin is the first monetary system in the world to be self-regulatory […]
23. Jan 2014

Bitcoin is not just cryptocurrency. This is the financial world of Napster

Next year, Bitcoin will move from a simple currency to an open source, decentralized platform that can manage everything from future contracts to car rentals. In […]