Autor: Asse Sauga

22. Jan 2014

Google joins Bitcoin

The social newsletter Reddit reports that one of Bitcoin’s activists has received various confirmations from Google employees that the team responsible for Google’s payment instruments is […]
22. Jan 2014

Dogecoin helped Jamaica bobsleighs to the Olympics

On Sunday (January 19), it was announced that the Jamaican bobsled team will qualify for the Winter Olympics. However, they had a problem, namely a lack […]
20. Jan 2014

Global situation of Bitcoin regulations as of 16.01.14

USA The US authorities have previously classified Bitcoins as an electronic means of circulation for criminal groups, and after the closure of Silk Road in October […]
20. Jan 2014

Bitcoin neutrality

Bitcoin is more widely talked about in the key of cryptocurrency and currency. However, less is known that bitcoin is not just a currency but a […]
16. Jan 2014

Bitcoin ATMs are spreading fast

The New York Post announced this weekend that 30-year-old Willam Ling of Brooklyn has ordered a brand new ATM and plans to install it in a […]
10. Jan 2014

Online store Overstock has started accepting Bitcoins has started accepting Bitcoins, making it the first of its kind. Since December, Patrick Byrne, Overstock’s open-minded executive, has told everyone that sometime in the […]
30. Dec 2013

Citizens of developing countries can use Bitcoin

A startup called Kipochi has developed a gateway solution in collaboration with Africa’s leading mobile payment company M-Pesa, which makes it possible to make transactions on […]