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18. Apr 2019

Bitcoin: 5 Facts You Should Know About Banning China Mining

There is a lot of news and rumors in the crypt world, but the facts are few. This is especially true of the imminent government action […]
26. Mar 2019

CBOE suspends Bitcoin futures. Will Wall Street pass the crypts again?

I don’t have much faith in Wall Street. This attitude is so strong that they give the impression of thinkers independent of the flock of sheep. […]
21. Mar 2019

Caution: Corporate tokens are not real cryptocurrencies!

When companies like JPMorgan Chase or Facebook come out with their “cryptocurrencies,” it’s a lot of excitement. “Super! Now the crypts are really starting to do […]
26. Feb 2019

Could blockchain technology have stopped El Chapo?

It is always good to see when the villains get their wages. I was pleased that the Mexican drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán was convicted […]
25. Feb 2019

More misconceptions about crypto

Despite the huge advances in leading cryptocurrencies in terms of transaction volumes, anti-cryptocurrencies are still trying to impose their negative narrative. “It’s all worthless,” they say. […]
14. Feb 2019

Warning: Some crypto exchanges may have hidden Ponzi schemes

On January 28, Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange point, the QuadrigaCX, suddenly disappeared. At least $ 136 million in customer assets disappeared under highly dubious circumstances. How […]
12. Feb 2019

The blockchain industry is falling apart from tenfold stocks

I do not have to tell you that the prices of cryptocurrencies are low. Very low … they have dropped about 80% to 90% of their […]
7. Feb 2019

Before investing in cryptocurrencies, consider THIS

If you visit cryptographic websites or ask an average observer, you may get the impression that there are thousands of “cryptocurrencies” in the world. Big mistake! […]
24. Jan 2019

5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Deployment Is More Powerful Than Ever

When we initially gave Bitcoin a “C +” rating, Bitcoin fans were angry . Even when we gave the exact reasons – high investment risk and […]