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20. Nov 2018

Tokenize the world! The block chain makes joint ownership of works of art and real estate

When it comes to art, I’m a complete ignorant. I would not distinguish between Picasso and Van Gogh; and the most memorable work of art that […]
9. May 2018

The first book in Estonian about cryptocurrency arrived on store shelves!

A fresh book “Everything Started with Bitcoin” created by Asse Sauga is available in both Apollo and Folk Book stores yesterday. The book is the first […]
27. Apr 2018

6 Myths About Bitcoin And How To Crush Them: An Expert Assessment

Given all the negative news that Bitcoin has to fight against, the arguments in favor of it sometimes go unnoticed against the background of general noise. […]
2. Feb 2018

Bitcoin lifebuoy

Over the past month, the cryptocurrency market has lost almost 50% of its capital, the value of bitcoin has fallen by more than half and the […]
4. Nov 2014

Founding meeting of MTÜ Eesti Krüptoraha Liit

Come to the founding event of the Estonian Cryptographic Union! You are very welcome to the founding event of the Estonian Cryptographic Union November 5 at […]
23. Jul 2014

The problem of Byzantine generals

Such a problem was first mentioned as a “problem of two generals” in 1975 by three scholars, EA Akkoyunlu, K. Ekanadham, and RV Huber. In 1982, […]
22. Apr 2014

Cryptography as the hangman of capitalism

There are many different methods of organizing society, such as socialism, communism and capitalism, which have been in vogue in the past. They all have one […]
10. Mar 2014

In Estonia, a manor was bought for the income of Bitcoins

One of the most rewarding activities on this planet is to preserve our valuable cultural heritage and allow it to shine even brighter. Whether it is […]
14. Feb 2014

Bitcoin market declining

In the last week, 1 bit has lost almost half of its value. So what happened? First, the Russian government took a formal view of Bitcoin […]