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28. Mar 2019

Mueller’s Report May Reveal Urgent Need for Block Chain

Most people seem to think that Mueller’s report, which has provided a lot of talk and ridicule, only concerns Trump. But life is likely to prove […]
21. Mar 2019

Caution: Corporate tokens are not real cryptocurrencies!

When companies like JPMorgan Chase or Facebook come out with their “cryptocurrencies,” it’s a lot of excitement. “Super! Now the crypts are really starting to do […]
19. Mar 2019

Take the cream off the profits: the block chain will fight ticket fraud

If you ever have a chance to go to the Summer Olympics … GO! I went to 2008. It was a fantastic experience at the Beijing […]
15. Mar 2019

Central banks are again cryptocrypting

The Big Four central banks – the US Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank (ECB, the Bank of Japan (BOJ)) and the Bank of England (BOE) […]
12. Mar 2019

How the blockchain will drive the impending robot revolution

Our future will be filled with robots. No, not with Terminator-type androids. Rather, with industrial robots starting to take over many of the tasks that humans […]
7. Mar 2019

New Facebook Coin: 3 Mistakes What Experts Are Making

Facebook is preparing to jump into the unknown. Behind closed doors and under a badly kept secret, they are preparing to come out with their “cryptocurrency”. […]
5. Mar 2019

Are You Ready for a Blockchain?

When will the cryptocurrency market pick up again? It’s easy. When business investors direct even a small part of their trillions to cryptographic markets. But before […]
26. Feb 2019

Could blockchain technology have stopped El Chapo?

It is always good to see when the villains get their wages. I was pleased that the Mexican drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán was convicted […]
25. Feb 2019

More misconceptions about crypto

Despite the huge advances in leading cryptocurrencies in terms of transaction volumes, anti-cryptocurrencies are still trying to impose their negative narrative. “It’s all worthless,” they say. […]