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8. Jan 2019

The number of crypto investors has doubled despite falling prices! Here’s your chance …

Every time the market stumbles, thousands of investors are frightened and swear that they will never buy any shares or deal in any shares again. The […]
4. Jan 2019

Our Crypt predictions for 2019. for the year and beyond

2017. was a great year for cryptocurrency investors. 2018. year was a disaster. So what to expect from 2019? Before we respond to this, we want […]
18. Dec 2018

From Buckeye State to State Farm – has been a big year for Bitcoin, the blockchain

Note: Now that the holidays are right outside the door, we’re giving Tony two weeks off. You can read his next column of the latest investment […]
13. Dec 2018

The introduction of crypts will progress even if prices fall!

Note: We just released a video of our 8 shocking predictions about the crypt world in 2019 and beyond. There, we removed the cover of which […]
6. Dec 2018

Bakkti Big Opening in January – Pros and Cons

Martin Weiss: Juan Villaverde is involved in programming and automating his Bitcoin cycle analysis model. So I’ve asked Dr. Bruce Ngil to write today’s story. Bruce […]
27. Nov 2018

International Monetary Fund (IMF) and International Auditing Firm (KPMG) Join the Cryptographic Revolution

“Technology is changing and we have to change with it. We don’t want to be the last page on a dead branch when everyone else has […]
20. Nov 2018

Tokenize the world! The block chain makes joint ownership of works of art and real estate

When it comes to art, I’m a complete ignorant. I would not distinguish between Picasso and Van Gogh; and the most memorable work of art that […]
16. Oct 2018

Wall Street is rushing to make it easier to invest in cryptocurrencies

“Paradise! Mr. Yale University! ” – Thurston Howell III, Gilligan’s Island Besides what Harvard’s Thurston Howell man thinks of Yale University’s executives – especially those who […]
9. May 2018

The first book in Estonian about cryptocurrency arrived on store shelves!

A fresh book “Everything Started with Bitcoin” created by Asse Sauga is available in both Apollo and Folk Book stores yesterday. The book is the first […]