Kategooria: Block chain

2. Feb 2018

Bitcoin lifebuoy

Over the past month, the cryptocurrency market has lost almost 50% of its capital, the value of bitcoin has fallen by more than half and the […]
23. May 2016

The world’s most successful co-financing campaign is the pre-sale of DAO tokens

DAO ‘s pre-sale has lasted 23 days today and has raised an impressive $ 160 million in Ethereum’s holdings of Etherite. According to Wikipedia, this is […]
4. Nov 2014

Founding meeting of MTÜ Eesti Krüptoraha Liit

Come to the founding event of the Estonian Cryptographic Union! You are very welcome to the founding event of the Estonian Cryptographic Union November 5 at […]
23. Jul 2014

The problem of Byzantine generals

Such a problem was first mentioned as a “problem of two generals” in 1975 by three scholars, EA Akkoyunlu, K. Ekanadham, and RV Huber. In 1982, […]
7. May 2014

Has Bitcoin come to stay?

On May 21, 2014 at 16:00, a conference-style event entitled “Has Bitcoin Come to Stay?” Is coming to the Tallinn Hall of Tallinn University’s Mare House. […]
7. Mar 2014

The concept of a completely cloudy state

Taavi Kotka, Undersecretary of IT at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, has come up with the idea of a state cloud, where data important […]