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25. Nov 2020

Obyte came out with money for stability based on a multidimensional binding curve

The stability money, made possible by the tying curves, is a relatively recent phenomenon. A bonding curve is like an automatic market maker, which, simply put, […]
21. Mar 2019

Caution: Corporate tokens are not real cryptocurrencies!

When companies like JPMorgan Chase or Facebook come out with their “cryptocurrencies,” it’s a lot of excitement. “Super! Now the crypts are really starting to do […]
19. Mar 2019

Take the cream off the profits: the block chain will fight ticket fraud

If you ever have a chance to go to the Summer Olympics … GO! I went to 2008. It was a fantastic experience at the Beijing […]
15. Mar 2019

Central banks are again cryptocrypting

The Big Four central banks – the US Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank (ECB, the Bank of Japan (BOJ)) and the Bank of England (BOE) […]
12. Mar 2019

How the blockchain will drive the impending robot revolution

Our future will be filled with robots. No, not with Terminator-type androids. Rather, with industrial robots starting to take over many of the tasks that humans […]
7. Mar 2019

New Facebook Coin: 3 Mistakes What Experts Are Making

Facebook is preparing to jump into the unknown. Behind closed doors and under a badly kept secret, they are preparing to come out with their “cryptocurrency”. […]
5. Mar 2019

Are You Ready for a Blockchain?

When will the cryptocurrency market pick up again? It’s easy. When business investors direct even a small part of their trillions to cryptographic markets. But before […]
12. Feb 2019

The blockchain industry is falling apart from tenfold stocks

I do not have to tell you that the prices of cryptocurrencies are low. Very low … they have dropped about 80% to 90% of their […]
7. Feb 2019

Before investing in cryptocurrencies, consider THIS

If you visit cryptographic websites or ask an average observer, you may get the impression that there are thousands of “cryptocurrencies” in the world. Big mistake! […]