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9. May 2019

Facebook coin competes with PayPal and credit cards – Not other crypts.

Crypto enthusiasts are thrilled to learn that the world’s most important social media giant is jumping into the air, something they hope is “that it will […]
4. May 2019

Tether and Bitfinex – Due to panic, extracts are limited

Tether is the world’s largest stable currency, which is said to be 100% guaranteed by US dollars. Bitfinex is their sponsor – one of the world’s […]
12. Apr 2019

Free cryptocurrency will be distributed to all Estonians again

A year ago, Byteball distributed free cryptocurrency to Estonians . This time, Byteball is redistributing free cryptocurrency, but now the cryptocurrency platform has a new name […]
26. Mar 2019

CBOE suspends Bitcoin futures. Will Wall Street pass the crypts again?

I don’t have much faith in Wall Street. This attitude is so strong that they give the impression of thinkers independent of the flock of sheep. […]
19. Mar 2019

Take the cream off the profits: the block chain will fight ticket fraud

If you ever have a chance to go to the Summer Olympics … GO! I went to 2008. It was a fantastic experience at the Beijing […]
5. Mar 2019

Are You Ready for a Blockchain?

When will the cryptocurrency market pick up again? It’s easy. When business investors direct even a small part of their trillions to cryptographic markets. But before […]
14. Feb 2019

Warning: Some crypto exchanges may have hidden Ponzi schemes

On January 28, Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange point, the QuadrigaCX, suddenly disappeared. At least $ 136 million in customer assets disappeared under highly dubious circumstances. How […]
17. Jan 2019

Bear market among stocks: What is the impact on Bitcoin?

A month ago, Juan’s cycle model gave its first bear market signal on the US stock market, since Bitcoin came on the market. Yesterday, we gave […]
6. Dec 2018

Bakkti Big Opening in January – Pros and Cons

Martin Weiss: Juan Villaverde is involved in programming and automating his Bitcoin cycle analysis model. So I’ve asked Dr. Bruce Ngil to write today’s story. Bruce […]