Subscription and membership fee

You can become a cryptocurrency member by filling in the following application and paying the annual fee, which is:

  • for the company 1000 € / year
  • foreign legal entity 2500 € /year

Membership fee can also be paid in crypto *

Secure payment through Swapin payment environment:

* Fill in the application form first and then you will be sent an invoice. Be sure to sign the bill number when paying.


    The purpose of the Krü website is to introduce the technologies and related areas of cryptocurrencies to the general public and to bring you fresh news from Estonia and the rest of the world. In addition, the website contains information on seminars, workshops, trainings and conferences related to cryptocurrency technologies in Estonia.

    What value do we offer?

    1. Be part of a sector-specific community, empower and support each other, save.
    2. To speak more actively and vigorously, combined in shaping the environment and law-making.
    3. Get information about various encryption-specific events.
    4. Attend free and privileged encryption-specific events.
    5. Free up to one hour consultation on accounting principles for cryptocurrencies
    6. The first legal consultation on cryptocurrencies is free of charge
    7. Cryptographic specific international network of contacts.
    8. Opportunity to market your product or service through the community, through the EKL web and the FB group