Silt: BitCoin

9. May 2019

Facebook coin competes with PayPal and credit cards – Not other crypts.

Crypto enthusiasts are thrilled to learn that the world’s most important social media giant is jumping into the air, something they hope is “that it will […]
4. May 2019

Tether and Bitfinex – Due to panic, extracts are limited

Tether is the world’s largest stable currency, which is said to be 100% guaranteed by US dollars. Bitfinex is their sponsor – one of the world’s […]
2. Feb 2018

Bitcoin lifebuoy

Over the past month, the cryptocurrency market has lost almost 50% of its capital, the value of bitcoin has fallen by more than half and the […]
23. Jul 2014

The problem of Byzantine generals

Such a problem was first mentioned as a “problem of two generals” in 1975 by three scholars, EA Akkoyunlu, K. Ekanadham, and RV Huber. In 1982, […]
7. Feb 2014

Bitcoin versus banking

It is only natural that with the advent of Bitcoin, the traditional world of money has gradually begun to worry about its foothold. Several articles have […]
23. Jan 2014

Bitcoin is not just cryptocurrency. This is the financial world of Napster

Next year, Bitcoin will move from a simple currency to an open source, decentralized platform that can manage everything from future contracts to car rentals. In […]
22. Jan 2014

Google joins Bitcoin

The social newsletter Reddit reports that one of Bitcoin’s activists has received various confirmations from Google employees that the team responsible for Google’s payment instruments is […]
22. Jan 2014

Dogecoin helped Jamaica bobsleighs to the Olympics

On Sunday (January 19), it was announced that the Jamaican bobsled team will qualify for the Winter Olympics. However, they had a problem, namely a lack […]
10. Jan 2014

Online store Overstock has started accepting Bitcoins has started accepting Bitcoins, making it the first of its kind. Since December, Patrick Byrne, Overstock’s open-minded executive, has told everyone that sometime in the […]